Residential Strata Insurance

One Policy to Rule Them All

Hutch’s Residential Strata policy protects bodies corporate from Property and Liability claims. In an industry first, our innovative product offering includes cover against Cyber fraud and liability, as well as the usual suite of core and optional covers that clients have come to expect.

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Key Covers

  • Property
  • Liability
  • Voluntary Workers Personal Accident
  • Fidelity Guarantee
  • Office Bearers Liability
  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Government Audit, Health & Safety, & Legal Expenses
  • Cyber

Our Appetite

Our risk appetite includes:

  • Residential Strata
  • Building Sum Insured up to $10M
  • Liability Limits up to $30M
  • Up to 20% commercial
  • Below the 26th parallel south


Effective 12/04/24



Summary of Key Changes


Effective 27/09/23 - 11/04/24 



Summary of Key Changes


Effective 16/08/23 - 26/09/23



Summary of Key Changes


Effective 25/05/23 - 15/08/23



Summary of Key Changes


Effective 02/04/23 - 24/05/23




Effective 24/11/232 - 01/04/23


Product Factsheet

Other Available Documents

Cybercrime Section Factsheet

Effective 16 June 23

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