Clarissa Reyden - Office Bkg

Clarissa Reyden

Claims Specialist

Clarrisa Reyden

Claims Specialist

Clarissa Reyden brings nearly two decades of extensive experience in Insurance Claims to Hutch, focusing on Accident and Health, Travel, Life, Strata, and Landlord Insurance claims. Her career is marked by a passion for progressing within the industry and imparting her wealth of knowledge to her colleagues.

Clarissa's educational journey began with completing her Higher School Certificate, followed by a foray into TAFE, where she earned a Certificate in Business Administration. This foundational education has been instrumental in her professional growth.

Joining Hutch was a natural step for Clarissa. Drawn by the company's team culture and commitment to enhancing communication through technology, especially in claims processing, she saw an opportunity to contribute significantly. Having a background in Broking Claims, Clarissa understands the challenges in insurer-broker communication and is excited to be part of Hutch's innovative approach to simplifying this process.

Her expertise in Strata Insurance claims is particularly aligned with Hutch's offerings, though she is also eager to expand her knowledge in both Construction and Financial Lines claims. Clarissa believes in building strong, flexible, and reliable relationships with brokers. She always prioritises urgent tasks and provides meaningful updates to ensure brokers are confident in handling their clients' claims.

A firm advocate of teamwork, Clarissa thrives in environments that promote collaboration and mutual support. She has a history of effectively working with teams, emphasising joint problem-solving and creative thinking.

Clarissa's passions outside work include exploring new culinary experiences and experimenting with creative recipes at home. Her drive is fuelled by the satisfaction of positively impacting someone's day, especially during the often chaotic and frustrating moments of insurance claims. She is dedicated to bringing speedy and practical solutions, making life easier for those she serves.